Dugan Ventures is not your typical investment company.
We are not a venture capital fund, investing other people's money and returning profits based on the statistical success of a few businesses in a large portfolio. We are not interested in the shot-gun approach—we aim carefully and make every shot count.

We build companies one at a time.
We invest our money, our time, and our energy, directing our financial, business, and technical resources toward the success of every business we build. Every business. Some ask how we do this—many businesses, after all, do not succeed. Our belief is that success is the result of focused commitment and perseverance. We can afford to concentrate on every business—getting products to market successfully, building top-rate teams, structuring sound research and development, and securing a strong competitive position—because we would rather invest boldly in one, than tentatively in 20.

Flexibility is our hallmark.
We do what makes sense for the long-term success of the business. We have not promised someone else a return on their investment—we owe it to ourselves and to you.