At Dugan Ventures, we do not put innovators through "meat grinders," and we are not a business plan factory. You can expect hard questions and constructive criticism; but you will also get respect and a straight answer. We believe that creating a business is an active and iterative process between those skilled in technology and those skilled in business and marketing. Sometimes the first application idea does not fit the market. But with some effort, a new application area will emerge. With our combined technical and business expertise, we have the ability to work with innovators to improve the probability of succeeding in the commercial marketplace.

Our first question will not be "What's your exit strategy?" We do believe that a sound business plan is a necessary starting condition for a successful business. But we also believe that it is built and refined continuously by people with a common purpose and a shared vision.

We will commit to staying the course throughout the highs and lows of a young company—you can be sure that we are in it for the long haul. We are willing to take the risks to gain the rewards, and to ensure that business is conducted the right way—with integrity, commitment to people, and professionalism.

If you are interested in building a high tech company, contact us.